Beautiful Wall Cladding & Retaining Blocks in Sydney

Enhance the value of your Sydney property with wall cladding tiles and retaining walls designed to maximise your outdoor space and create an open environment that not only feels welcoming but looks stunning.

Antique Stone boasts a beautiful range of wall cladding tiles and retaining walls in Sydney to ensure that we can match any theme or style you have in your outdoor area allowing you to create a perfectly aesthetic entertaining area for yourself and guests to enjoy.

Our retaining walls in Sydney are built to last and designed to be as convenient as possible that’s why our retaining blocks and columns are designed to be segmented and hollow, allowing wiring for gates and lights to be included during installation.

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Why choose Antique Stone for your wall cladding tiles and retaining walls in Sydney?

  • Best quality retaining walls in Sydney.
  • The latest contemporary and traditional designs for retaining walls in Sydney.
  • Antique Stone wall cladding tiles give your walls a long-lasting and durable look.

The benefits of Retaining walls in Sydney are endless, they not only provide a stylish appearance to your outdoor area but the remaining blocks can also be used for water features, retaining edges and extra seating for guests.

Our range of wall cladding tiles are an ideal option to give your outdoor area the perfect cost-effective look. Not only do our wall cladding tiles provide a cost-effective decorative solution but they are also very easy to maintain, built to last and are mold and fungus resistant, ensuring your structure is kept away from most external risks while providing an aesthetic appearance.

Why use Antique Stone Columns?

If you have a custom designed space then you more than likely have different requirements. That’s why we have designed our Antique Stone columns which are segmented allowing them to be readily available to suit your individual requirements. The minimum height of the columns is 1220mm unless the internal sections are trimmed by the installers with the internal sections being 400mm high and all sections except the capping piece are hollow, allowing space for wiring of lights, electric gates and electronic intercoms for your house to transition smoothly inside. Once installed the columns are filled with concrete and reinforcing to give stability and strength.

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