Outdoor Concrete Pavers & Bullnose Coping Pavers

Antique Stone has a range of fashionable and hard-wearing pavers so that you can create a great space for outdoor entertaining or statement paths around the home.

When you are looking for tiles to install outdoors, it is very important to employ tiles that are non-slip for the highest degree of safety when walking around in the rain. It is also important, that they boast excellent water resistance for long-lasting durability.

At Antique Stone, we handmake our strong paving stones with natural materials and pre-sealers, giving you waterproof tiles that are resistant to fungi. They can well take the foot traffic and extremes of weather while making your patio, veranda or backyard look naturally refined and sleek.

Mastering style for marvellous entertaining

  • Antique Stone presents you with a modish collection of universally appealing colours and texture patterns to seamlessly integrate within your patios, verandas and gardens
  • Exercise total creative freedom with design flexibility and customise the shape, size and finish of your new pavers
  • Porous, tangible texture makes for a natural and rustic feel that’s pretty versatile
  • Choose a finish in your pavers that best accents your tastes and outdoor entertaining theme
  • Use the same outdoor stone tiles for your stair treads for a seamless look that is very chic

Securing safety and low maintenance in all your walkways

  • Utilise non-slip pavers in Sydney, for a safe walking experience even when it rains
  • Hygienic bacteria resistant stone makes for healthier and cleaner outdoor paving for a hassle-free experience
  • Hard wearing and durable pavers make strong verandas, patios, and outdoor paths through your outdoor entertaining areas

If you have any further concerns about what the best pavers may look like for your front or back yard – feel free to get in touch!

We can connect with you and your architect directly, and we are always happy to help.

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