Our pool products are unique and have a special manufacturing process that allows a range of edges including Bullnose, Scotia, Raked or Straight.

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Antique Stone Pavers are available in the following colours

Graphite Stone
Graphite with 50% LESS oxide
Graphite with 50% LESS oxide
Country Road
Contemporary Stone Paving
Stone Cladding
Stone Cladding

We are locally owned and operated, supplying customers across Sydney and wider NSW and ACT. Our materials are manufactured in country NSW, with natural raw materials and strengthening agents. Giving you a reliably strong, sleek and elegant finish.

A Competitive Range of High-End Finishes

Our Stone Capping and Driveway Pavers are some of our most popular and competitive products.

Use stone capping for the fine detailed finish for your stone fences, pillars and retaining walls. Or utilise our driveway pavers to create a stone driveway that makes a stylish statement that greets you and your family every time someone comes home.

These products perform well through harsh winds, rain and hot Australian summers. With excellent weather resistance, which helps keep the pavers beautiful and cool.

In addition, we are also known for our superior range of:

  • Pool coping
  • Pavers
  • Retaining blocks
  • Garden features
  • Step treads
  • Wall cladding

For that reason, we invite you to…

Define your home’s style from the outset

Creating stone walls with stone capping and stone wall cladding for an immaculate style

Our stone capping and wall cladding comes in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes. We specialise in our ability to create stone wall cladding in your preferred shape to achieve finish that’s sleek and clean or dishevelled and rustically textured. Use them to tie the aesthetic of your home together or for retaining walls in the backyard. Retaining blocks and wall cladding helps you protect the soil and structure of your backyard, in a way that’s also pleasing to the eye.

Pave a practically elegant driveway

Utilise driveway pavers strength, durability and natural appearance to elevate hellos and goodbyes

Antique Stone provides bespoke driveway pavers that provide both a practical and stylish solution for your driveway, perfect for modern day living. The driveway is often the largest path that leads into your home, often also being connected to the doorstep. You can design and realise an elegant contemporary or luxurious rustic cottage feel with such pavers, available in an array of stylish shades. Where, without such an installation, this look would simply not be complete.

Savour tastefully refined pool coping

Contemporary and modern shades of beige or grey pool coping for the perfect pool surrounds

It’s hard to beat stone for your pool surrounds. Our pool coping provides a great non-slip finish with a warm beige or cool grey finish to suit various modern, minimalistic and classical styles. We offer a range of edge profiles in our pool copping so that you can create a distinctive feel in your pool.

Forge a sturdy stone staircase

Lead into your house or out into greener gardens with stone step treads made by the experts

A stone staircase created by Antique Stone stair treads will quickly give you the functional and aesthetical solution to tie the exterior area of your house together. It creates a centrepiece that leads both your eyes, and yourself physically to a new space. If you have a lot of flat unused land in your yard, you could also consider creating some levels for excitement and interest. Which you can pair with a new outdoor stairway and retaining walls.

Create exciting magical gardens

Use designer approved garden features, fountains and paving stones for playfully imaginative spaces

If you have a garden, we have all the tiles that you require to make the space around it organised with premium quality materials. So that you can achieve properly manicured gardens and create beautiful and relaxing features to soothe you when you entertain outside or simply in your time alone.

Create an entertaining area

Allow the beauty of our stone enhance your back yard entertaining area and make it the envy of all your neighbours

Use our pavers to create the ultimate entertaining area, creating a section surrounded by the beauty of your garden and grassed area. The large format pavers by Antique Stone will make even the smallest paved area look large and inviting

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