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Antique Stone is a high quality handmade paving product influenced by traditional European stone, reflected in the products texture and patina.

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Fireplace Mantles and Hearths

Installing a new fireplace whether inside or outside or renovating an existing fireplace takes time and planning. There are many options for the surrounds of your fireplace. You need to consider the hearth, the mantle and the surrounds on the wall.

At Antique Stone we can produce stone for the hearth, stone for the mantle and also stone cladding for the wall surrounding your fireplace. The designs can suit the most contemporary of houses as well as the more traditional residences. We are happy to produce either part or all of the components for the surrounds of your fireplace.

At Antique Stone, we can work with your designers to produce any of the surrounding components in a multitude of sizes to suit your fireplace or fire box. We even have a mantle piece mold that is adjustable in length so it can be made suitable for your home.


The colours of our fireplace mantle, hearths and surrounds are as per our colours on the home page.


The texture of our fireplace mantle pieces and Fireplace hearths is lightly pitted but smooth to touch. The cool finish and look of Antique Stone combined with the warmth of the fireplace will enhance any home.


Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and see what we can produce for you and your clients.


Create Bespoke Stone Fireplaces in Sydney

For those that are looking for a way to make their entertaining areas warmer and inviting, there’s no match for a stone fireplace.

Australian made, our stone fireplace brings family or friends together. Allowing you to enjoy cosier times and deep reflective conversations around the fire.

Highly customisable, durable, and strong, the stone we cast and mould by hand in Goulburn provides the perfect crowning centrepiece wherever people congregate. So that you can rely on your stone creation for low maintenance and easy comfort for a long time to come.

We have an incredible amount of experience and skill with working with designers, to create delightfully bespoke stone creations. Beautifully achieving any style of design, with elegant neutral hues. For an appearance that won’t age with time.

At Antique Stone, we can supply you the stone you desire. Lovingly cut, crafted, and tailored to become the new surround facing, hearth, mantle, overmantel, etc. for your stone fireplace.


Stone Fireplace Surrounds


Sophisticated Stone for Fireplace Surrounds

Antique Stone fireplace surrounds cater to varying design elements incorporating both modern and vintage styles. Featuring a stylish palate of cool and warm neutral shades that complement almost any interior home. Our products are cast stone, handmade and wet moulded using natural raw materials.

Bring your design ideas to us where we will work with you to provide the dream fireplace surrounds you are looking for.


Designing bespoke Stone Fireplace Surroundings

1. Choose your design concept:- When you are looking to create a new fireplace from the ground up, or wanting to renovate your existing fireplace surround, it is important to consider the over-arching style to complement your existing home interior. Working together with Antique Stone, you can decide the look that you want your overall fireplace surrounds to be. Inspiration for your mantle facade can be taken from bygone eras, alternatively Antique Stone can provide you with a modern or rustic look to realise your dream concepts. If you desire a modern style you may consider a simple frame like border to create a fireplace surround without any mantle at all.


2. Choose your Colour:- Antique Stone offer a range of neutral and natural colours in their stone fireplace surrounds to suit your home’s personality, to blend and complement other elements of your build, be they either modern or traditional. The range of colours have been designed to complement all build environments from the bush to the beach, ranging from light sandy finishes through to sleek greys for that modernistic style.


3. Choose your Finish:- Rough or smooth, no matter the finish, the look of stone around your fireplace exudes stately charm and elegance. Which means that your stone fireplace surrounds can easily be dressed up or down to suit multiple interior stylings. It is an incredible investment in your home, even for all the changing home and interior design trends to come. It’s easier to achieve a warm rustic, country cabin feeling with red, beige, sand or cream wall cladding, or better yet- flagstone. While a Georgian fireplace mantle that looks true to style can be achieved with a natural or honed finish.


Why we’re Different – Antique Stone

  • Strong and Durable – Sturdy and hard wearing, the stone we hand make at Antique Stone has a durable strength to last through hot and cold conditions. You can trust our stone to last for many years to come.
  • Refinement – Our stone fireplace surrounds revel in smooth and subtle attention to detail, that adds great sophistication to any room.
  • Colours – We provide a range of timeless yet fashionable shades and hues that would look distinguished against any finish.
  • Finishes – Our products can accomplish a great range of finishing styles to help you achieve impressive stone creations.

Contact us directly on 0412 297 843, for an onsite design consultation.


Antique Stone is experienced in working with landscape designers, architects and builders to achieve your desired masterpiece.


Contact us today for a free measure and quote!




What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

Timber or stone, either natural or man-made make the great material for a fireplace that stands the test of time in beauty and durability. Marvel at a fireplace surround that continuously looks as good as the day you installed it.


Do you make your own stone fireplaces?

Yes, we make all our stone fireplace surrounds by hand in our warehouse in Goulburn, NSW, Australia.


Can you make mantle pieces and hearths to suit our fire place.

Yes we can make custom pieces to suit your fireplace. We have adjustable molds that can fit your requirements. Please enquire.