Fountains – Build Your Own Garden Water Features & Wall Capping in Sydney

Almost finished making the perfect garden and patio but missing something special?

Antique Stone can provide blocks to create a water feature in Sydney or on your country property.

Garden water features in Sydney have always been a popular mark of taste and culture. Whether you employ something simple like a small fountain falling from lovely natural tiles or desire a sculpted figure for a striking sense of character, the feature will make a memorable impact.

The garden paving and garden wall capping used is also versatile for other applications around your home. On top of your fountains, you can also use them as a part of retaining walls for soil, plants and even around water to make ponds that are simply exquisite. Creating lulling points of interest for you or friends or family to enjoy while you sip your morning or evening tea in the sun. 

While we don’t provide prebuilt water features, with the proper labour you can achieve a modern stylish water fountain or several in your garden, or as an accessory to your pool. Additionally, you can use the same tiles for your fountain for the rest of your garden paving, for a seamlessly smooth look that exudes taste and refinement.

How we do this
Helping you create bespoke garden water features in Sydney

At Antique Stone we provide a variety of garden paving and wall capping colours, shapes and sizes to help you achieve a multitude of different fountain styles.

Contemporary and Sleek
Typically, we would use our 600 x 400 x 25mm tiles to clad a wall paving and then we provide capping to suit the top. This would be able to give you a modern water feature or fountain with garden paving.

Running Wall of Water

Another option is to use either our retaining blocks and capping, which will create a square or rectangle water feature. This feature provides a small waterfall appearance that looks neat and tastefully curated. 

European & Classic

Our third option is our specially created curve blocks which can be used to create a semi-circle or a circular water feature in Garden paving. This water feature is inspired by the famous bulb fountain in the French Riviera town Saint-Paul De Vence.

Here are some reasons you may desire a water feature around your home:

Five reasons people install fountains
Psychological and aesthetical benefits in owning a water feature

  • Beauty – There is no denying the natural beauty that garden fountains have. They make a statement and so can be used as the centrepiece of your garden or to make a smaller space feel more special.
  • Relaxation – Watching and listening to flowing water as it falls through your water feature has been known to be a great aid to mediation and relaxation.
  • Happiness – The sound and presence of running water, even just from a water feature, has been discussed in science for its ability to make people more happy and focussed. 
  • Good luck – Water is a symbol of life and prosperity in many cultural beliefs. It is not hard to see why, as water is a natural resource that we rely on to live and do so in good health. As such it is a valuable asset if you want to achieve good Feng Shui when installed East, North-East or North of your house.

Why use Antique Stones garden pavers to complete your fountain

Our great, high-quality range
Antique Stone offers a quality range of garden pavers with different edge profiles and colours to help you achieve the look that you desire.

Feature your desired edge profile
Our edge profiles consist of bullnose, scotia, raked and square edge. We have the experience and contacts needed to produce any shape of stone edging for this purpose as well. 

A shade to best suit you
Our curated collection features versatile shades of grey and beige for a lovely designer finish. 

Long lasting strength
All our tiles offer great strength, durability and weather resistance, giving you beautiful garden water features in Sydney for years to come. 

Expert Advice
We are the experts in stone tiles, pavers and capping, and we’re happy to help.

Great customer service
We believe that your experience is important through every step of the process you take to develop your garden and water features into a dreamy place that suits you. Our clients can make an appointment for us to meet with them and their architect to develop the perfect paver solution.

Get in contact with us today for more information! We are more than happy to provide a free measure and quote.

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