Curved & Bullnose Coping for Pools

Installing a new swimming pool or renovating an existing one takes time and planning. One of the key components to getting the most enjoyment out of your new swimming pool is how you finish the pools edges with pool coping. It’s important that your swimming pool paving and pool coping remains both practical and aesthetic.

At Antique Stone, we offer a competitive range of pool coping in Sydney we also can supply the rest of NSW and ACT. By choosing Antique Stone you can make the right stylistic choice in your pool pavers as well as support Australian jobs. There are many edge profile options for your pool, we can supply you with bullnose coping, you can go a little more traditional with our scotia edge. If you want modern and Contemporary, then you can have our raked edge or if straight lines are your thing then the square edge is for you. We do know we have the paver for you. With the profile, colour, texture and finish to make the statement you’re looking for. Antique Stone has all types of straight, raked edge and curved pool coping options for you.

Styles of Pool coping:

Pool coping in Sydney by Antique Stone is a popular choice because of its ability to adapt to the surrounding area. Making it the perfect product to enhance value and aesthetics to your entertaining area.

The pool coping or pool pavers you choose also influences the function of the surface around the pool. For example, bullnose coping provides a prominent edge to hold onto for an easier grip to get out anywhere around the pool. The type of material you choose will also influence how non-slip your pavers are. This quality is normally found with porous pavement and rock.

Antique Stone provides pool coping in the Sydney area in a wide variety of edge profiles like straight, raked or curved to suit a variety of tastes and styles which can be connected to multiple sides of any piece.

Edge Profiles

Our range of available pool coping styles in Sydney includes:

  • Bullnose Coping – This type of coping is perfect around the pool as it provides a definite edge that’s easy for wet hands to grab. Our Bullnose coping is available in a variety of colour and profile options and designed to give your pool area a distinct look.
  • Scotia – Scotia swimming pool pavers are known for their curly outward edge which gives them an elegantly vintage charm. Unique style designed to add a classic personal style to your pool area.
  • Raked –  Texturised as like their name suggests, this swimming pool paving provides an interesting tone of character for a contemporary or ultra modern home. Designed in a variety of colours to suit the most luxurious of pools.
  • Square edge – These pool pavers have a distinctive ‘block’ like look that easily makes any pool like opulent and modern.Typically we pencil round the top edge to remove the sharpness of a square edge. Get the high end look available in a variety of colours and suits most pool shapes and sizes.

We also bring to you a collection of bespoke designer colours, perfectly versatile for a range of high end modern or classic finishes.

Shades & Colours

Our range of colours in our pool pavers in Sydney includes: 

  • Monument – Cool, dark and grey, these pavers make a great dark border for your pool matched with lighter swimming pool paving stones, or all round for a sleek industrial look. 
  • Graphite– A lighter grey, offering a good mid-tone. 
  • Country Road – A soft warm feather grey, great for a clean chic appearance.
  • Traditional – Sandy beige makes a timeless classic that you can’t go wrong with. 
  • Contemporary – Get the cool white sandy beach look, with this shade of beige.
  • Antique – Ultra cream in colour beautiful and light shade. 

Selecting the right Pool Pavers

Pool Coping is designed made and suit your swimming pool in “Continuous Segmented Lengths” in pieces up to 1100mm x 500mm in size or a shaped area of 0.5m2

Choosing the right style for your new or existing swimming pool is vital. The type of coping profile you select will depend on your personal taste, what suits the aesthetics of your swimming pool paving area and surrounding areas and the style/material you can afford whether it be Bullnose Coping, Scotia, Raked or Square edge coping. Our wide range gives you the freedom to choose the best option based on all these factors, while always boasting value and cost-effectiveness. 

Antique Stones Pool coping in Sydney gives a classy finish to your swimming pool and increases the value of your property. Our Pool Coping is manufactured with the installer in mind to simplifying installation. We ensure that your pool coping is durable, highly functional and enhances your pool, swimming pool paving areas and surrounding areas.

Expert design for a simple paving solution

We strive to provide exceptional quality pool coping options to our valued customers across Sydney, Canberra and the remainder of NSW. So, you will get the perfect finish for raked, straight or curved pool coping at Antique Stone.

Talk with one of our professionals today to discuss which pool coping options will suit your swimming pool.

Pool Pavers and Coping

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You would expect pool coping to last 15 to 20 years. We have many examples where the stone has been around pools for that time.
With the advent of thin stone being imported these days we are also seeing more examples of the durability of some of the natural stone pool coping only lasting for about 5-10 years. depending on the types of material used, pool chemicals and weather conditions.

Bullnose coping refers to the edge of the stone that hangs over the pool. It is a half rounded edge. Bullnose was developed by the Romans many thousands of years ago. It comes and goes in the fashion side of things, but is extremely practical. The shape of bullnose coping also makes it easier to get out of the pool.
There are also many other edges that can be used around your pool. We offer a raked edge which is extremely contemporary without being a plain straight edge. We do also provide a straight or square edge coping piece. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Re-installing a whole swimming pool’s coping for a major repair can cost up quite a bit. The best way is to start with a phone call or email to us and we can work out what it will be. We need to know how many metres around your pool, how wide the coping will need to be and then we can make an estimate. Alternatively, just call us and we will gladly come out and measure up for you

Yes, you can. We can make it to any almost any size and shape. At Antique Stone we don’t offer a pool coping installation service, however, we can recommend a professional who can lay our coping. We are also happy to work with your selected installer and guide them through what needs to be done.